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Password Delay


Optimal security, minimal frustration

Tired of entering your phone's lock password or PIN every time you've locked your phone? Use this app to set a password delay so the password is not needed if you unlock your phone within the configurable time. If you want to try it first, you can download the free version below. Note that the free version will show ads in your notification bar.

Full version:
 Available in Android Market
 Available in Android Market


Q: I can't uninstall, it says "Uninstall unsuccessful"
A: You have to disable the device administrator before uninstall. Go to settings > location & security > select device administrators and deactivate the Password Delay administrator.

Q: I have another device administrator (like corporate Exchange), can I use this application to disable the password?
A: The device administrator with the highest security settings will be applied by the Android Framework. So it's not possible for my device administrator to remove a password if the other device administrator requested a password.

Q: I already have the Password Plug-in, do I get more functionality with this application?
A: No, If you already have Tasker or Locale, I recommend using the plug-in, so you can also disable the password completely in some situations. If you don't have Tasker or Locale, and only want to set a password delay which is always on, I recommend this application. 

Q: Can I use this application to setup a delayed lock pattern?
A: No, you can only setup a password or PIN.

Q: Will the lock pattern ever work in 2.2?
A: No, the Lock Patttern will probably never work on 2.2 because of a change in the Android Framework.

Q: Does this application work on Android 2.1 or lower? 
A: No, this application only works on Android 2.2 and higher. 

Q: Is the password enabled at reboot? 
A: Yes, the password is enabled at shutdown so it's enabled at reboot before any app is launched. Also the phone is locked and the screen is turned off after reboot.

Q: Can I create a shortcut to the "Lock now" button? 
A: Yes, long press on your home screen and choose to add a shortcut. You will see Password Delay listed here. Choose it and you will create a "Lock now" shortcut on your home screen.